Annual subscription: purchase at the ticket office - Arriva Italia - Cremona - Staging
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Purchase the subscription at the ticket office

Are you sure you do not want to purchase the subscription online?

If you want to go to the counter to purchase or renew your annual student subscription, follow these instructions

For your safety Arriva Italia has activated a new MANDATORY booking service.

Book your appointment to be able to go to the ticket office from 27 August and avoid queues: once you arrive at the booked Arriva Italia office, follow the signs and do not forget the documents necessary to purchase or renew your season subscription:

  • photocopy of identity documents
  • if a minor, a copy of the identity document of the parent or of the person exercising parental authority
  • recent passport-size photo
  • Full signed form, downloadable here

The procedure at the ticket office has a management cost of € 10.00.

The practice cost is not foreseen in case of purchase / renewal if you want to take advantage of the concessions provided for the purchase of regional Io Viaggio tickets.

Reserve your place at the office

Discover the reservation portal

Reservation is MANDATORY.

The reservation must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Remember to follow the Covid-19 Regulation in order to access Arriva Italia:

  • Do not use the service in case of flu symptoms and / or body temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 ° C.
  • Wear the mask to access the interior
  • Sanitize your hands with alcoholic gel before and after counter operations
  • Respect the spacing of at least one meter
  • Arrive on time
  • Show up for your appointment alone
    Only one companion for minors and for people with disabilities
Reserve now!

Info and times of the ticket office

Scopri qui tutte le informazioni sugli sportelli Arriva Italia

The ticket office for annual students subscriptions in Cremona – Piazza delle Tranvie is open from 27 August to 15 September at these times:

  • from monday to friday 8.30 – 12.30 e 13.30 – 17.30
  • saturday 9.00 – 13:00

Discover other ways to purchase the season subscription

Purchase online

Online is better!

Keep your subscription on the MyPay app… and travel without worries!
If you purchase your subscription online on the portal from 27 August, you will have the chance to win a gift card worth € 10.00 to spend in the reference shopping center in your area!

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Purchase online with shipping

If you want to purchase or renew the annual student pass online from 27 August with the shipment of the card, at the time of purchase select the “Subscription in CARD format shipping home”.

In any case, it is always possible to upload the subscription purchased on the portal to the Arriva MyPay app by entering the assigned card number on the app.

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Booking at the office is mandatory for the purchase / renewal of the annual student subscription and has a practice cost of € 10.00.

The redemption of the covid-19 voucher is also available through the subscription portal.

If you go to the office to redeem the covid-19 voucher you will have to pay a practice fee of € 10.00.

If you have purchased an annual subscription at the office, you will be able to download your payment receipt online from the subscription portal from the beginning of November.

If you have purchased an annual subscription through the subscription portal, you can access your personal area and print the receipt 24 hours after the purchase.