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a bus stop was recreated for elder alzheimer patients

A fake bus stop was inaugurated today in Cingia de ’Botti, to help Alzheimer patients to” take the bus to go home “.

Taking the bus to go home: this is the desire that is most expressed by those who suffer from Alzheimer’s syndrome and that KM Cremona has tried to satisfy for the patients of the “Mother Fiordalisa” department of the Elisabetta Germani Foundation of Cingia de ‘Botti .

A fake KM bus stop was inaugurated this morning in the Alzheimer department, in the presence of the local authorities, the Foundation’s board of directors, the general manager of Marina Generali and the managing director of KM Giorgio La Valle.

The initiative was born from an idea of ​​the Foundation itself in collaboration with KM, the local urban and suburban public transport company of Cremona, after a careful analysis and reflection on what could help Alzheimer’s patients by bringing them comfort and help .

As pointed out by Dr. Isabella Salimbeni, health director of the Elisabetta Germani Foundation “Alzheimer’s patients are confused in time and space, they are not aware of being sick and often express the desire to” go home by bus “. Their idea of ​​home does not correspond to the home from which they come, but sometimes it is that of their childhood, or often an imaginary place where young children or sick parents still alive, in need of care are waiting for them “.

Numerous studies and experiences on the national and international territory have shown how the presence inside a Alzheimer nucleus of a bus stop, or of a space with the same characteristics (a bench, a shelter, the timetable of the races, etc. .), reduce the anxiety of these people, reassuring them that they are in the right place to be able to go home.

It is for this reason that the multidisciplinary team of the Fiordalisa department decided to ask for the help of KM, a company already present with a real stop in front of the Germani structure, realizing a unique project of its kind in the Cremona area. On one wall was placed the bench with a canopy and signs, on the other a sticker depicting the road, while on the ground there is the classic bus writing and the outline of the stop in yellow. To make it even more real there are a clock and billboards.

“We immediately joined this initiative happy to be able, with a really small gesture, to help 34 people who unfortunately have to struggle with this disease every day. Giorgio La Valle, Km S.p.A. CEO A bus stop will allow them to feel safer, closer to home, to somehow have the opportunity to travel and reach their loved ones by bus, just like they say “.