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Lost and found

Lost something?

If, getting off the bus in one of the bus stations or stops in the Provinces of Bergamo, Lecco or Brescia, you realize that you have forgotten a personal object, ask for support by filling out the form below.

In case of a favorable response to the request, you can agree on the time for the collection of the material with the Contact Center’s staff. The custody of the objects will last the time strictly necessary for the return.

The service is of a commercial nature and does not replace the provisions of current legislation. (Civil Code art. 927)

Lost items

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Most frequently asked questions

The practice inherent in a Lost Object is kept open for five working days. If the object is not found within the reporting period, the report is archived.

If you lose something on board a bus, bus stop or bus station you can fill out the dedicated form in order to check if it was found and delivered to the office. In case of positive feedback it will be possible to agree with the office the time for the withdrawal of the object.

If you find a lost object you can contact our Call Center on 035289000 by reporting the find and agreeing the best way to send the object to the office.

Our website is optimized for Google Chrome from pc. If you filled out the form from mobile or used another browser please try again from a desktop or laptop using Google Chrome.
In case the problems still persists you can contact the operators of the Contact Center for assistance in order to complete the sending of the request.

The form cannot be forwarded without accepting the processing of privacy data, as, in order to process the request, authorisation for the processing of data is required. For more information visit the page www.arrivastaging.it/societa-trasparente/